Hello and welcome to Vaionet Media! My name is Frances Vaiopoulos and I am the owner, head designer and driving force behind all of Vaionet's development and design work. I am a developer by profession, having graduated with a degree in Computer Science fromt he University of Toronto, and have spent the last ten years working in the technology industry. Most of my experience has been in the banking and financial sector, with lengthy stints at two of Canada's major banks under my belt. My 'day job' has consisted mainly of programming in Java and all the associated technologies and while I have always really enjoyed the challenges of building large scale enterprise applications, I've also always been a bit of a graphic design geek at heart. It is this love of design that spurred my freelance career. While working at a bank offers a lot of opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, there is little room to think about graphic and interactive design principles. After a lot of small websites built for friends and family needing their business promoted on the web, a full-fledged graphic design and web development firm was born.

Over my last four years of freelancing I have been lucky enough to work on some really cool projects. I've worked with muscians, TV personalities, cookbook authors and even a thoughtful young artist- all whom have had different visions of what they wanted the web representations of themselves to look like. Throughout this journey I've also had the opportunity to code some neat programming elements that I wouldn't have otherwise encountered. These experiences have filled my arsenal of web tools and have allowed me to grow as a developer in unexpected ways, all while having a lot of fun thinking about how design meets function. Please check out these projects and many more on my portfolio page to get a sampling of my work.

So if you're thinking about a web project, or you need a new logo for your business or you just want to discuss something web-related I'm always happy to chat. I love meeting new people and discovering new ideas for design projects. Visit my contact page and give me a shout. I hope to hear from you soon!