The following is a sampling of the web and design projects which have been the most challenging, the most labour intensive and the most fun! Each has its own unique look and feel and its own set of business requirements which the client needed fulfilled. These sites include many differen types of design and programming elements- from simple slideshows and pop-up images to more involved gallery and calendar elements. These elements can be seen in greater detail by visiting some of the sites and by taking a look at the services page for more comprehensive descriptions about the type of functional development that Vaionet Media offers.

To get a closer view of each page below please click on the thubmnail. And wherever possible visit the link and see the site live and in person!

Eurotrend Sunglasses,
Designer Eyewear
   That Guy- George Tsoutstoulas,
TV Host & Producer
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   The Event Centre,
Party Equipment Rentals
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   Pavlo, Rik Emmet & Oscar Lopez,
Musical Collaboration

Three Greek Sisters,
Cookbook Authors
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   161 Church Street Dentistry,
Dental Office
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   Art By Dimitri,
Youth Artist
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    CBRE Print,
Document Print Application








If you have any questions about any of the projects shown above please do not hesitate to contact us.