You'll find a descriptions of our most popular services listed below. While these features have proven to be the items our past clients have most commonly requested, they are just a sample of what is possible for website content and function. All ideas and requirements are assessed on a case by case basis and new functionality is readily implemented to fit your needs.

E-commerce/Online Stores
One of the most sought after features in my portfolio of work has been the incorporation of a full shopping cart with an integrated payment system (typically Paypal). If you're looking to sell products online or would like to integrate, a shopping cart feature into your site an e-commerce framework can be quickly and efficiently embedded into your site to turn it into an online store.

Blog/Content Management
Experience in Wordpress installation and development allows for seamless integration of blogs as well as content management systems into a customer's website. Allow yoruself the freedom to update your own posts and content through this felxible feature.

All sites need good looking visual elements to capture a user's attention. Logo and banner design go hand-in-hand with the development of a new site, but other graphic components help make your site pop as well. This can be the simple incorporation of some well placed photographs or images or a more intricate addition of a slideshow, a photo gallery or video page. Elevate the visual impact of your website with the addtion of some powerful media and graphic items.

Full-scale Application Design & Implementation
Most of my clients have been interested in fairly simple websites to showcase their businesses, their products or themselves. On occasion however I have had much larger scale projects, akin to the type of work that I do during the day. These projects have had complex business rules and flows and serve a specific user set vs. just random viewers on the web. If you need a functional website that not only 'shows' what you're all about, but also 'does' something (i.e. creates documents, updates user profiles, sends targeted emails, <insert your functional needs here>), let's sit down and talk about your requriements and see if my particular technical expertise can serve your needs.

Mobile Applications
The mobile space is definitely the next frontier in technology. For many businesses a mobile application will increase customer engagment and act as a mechansim to tailor your content for the mobile space. I have experience in both iOS and Android application development and can guide you through the process of building your company's mobile presence.